The IntenSati Method: The Seven Secret Principles to Thinner Peace

The IntenSati Method: The Seven Secret Principles to Thinner Peace

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Author: Moreno, Patricia

Edition: Illustrated

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 260

Release Date: 05-01-2010

Details: Imagine a workout that isn't a mindless chore but a life-affirming, body-transforming joy. Feeling great about yourself and living a life you love every day. Experiencing inner peace -- and achieving thinner peace at the same time!

Now this can be your reality with the revolutionary mind/body fitness program that puts it all together: Intent (one's plan or purpose) + sati (the Sanskrit word for mindfulness) = The IntenSati Method

Renowned fitness expert Patricia Moreno has created a revolutionary mind/body fitness program so powerful, it's changing bodies and lives everywhere. Her philosophy behind IntenSati goes light-years beyond the traditional grinding workouts that get us nowhere fast and usually leave us discouraged and unmotivated. When your mind creates positive emotion during a physical workout, you actually change your body's chemistry, enabling you to not only shed the pounds but gain clarity and purpose. IntenSati fuses empowering affirmations and positive psychology with groundbreaking exercises drawn from dance, yoga, martial arts, aerobics, and strength training -- and illustrated here step by step -- to create total transformation, inside and out, and help you to:

• Liberate the inner -- and the thinner -- you
• End yo-yo dieting forever
• Banish emotional eating and binging
• Train your mind to think healthier and be healthier
• Rid your life of bad habits, negative thoughts, and self-defeating behaviors
• Cope with stress, anxiety, and depression
• Become a stronger, more beautiful person on both the inside and the outside

What the worldwide bestseller The Secret did for manifesting profound life change, The IntenSati Method does for remodeling both mind and body -- because you are what you think you are. This is the beginning....

Languages: English